I try to pass along fun and interesting stuff when I find it. . .some fancy work and industry stuff and others, well, notsomuch.

If you have some spare time, check out . . .the web presence a little bit of a let down from the published mag but the info in every issue is interesting, spot-on and not in any other magazine . . .high lights from this month’s issue? “(Stay-at) Homeboys” All about the boundaries for your stay-at-home husband (I you know me I hope you are laughing here), “Something to prove” tell a gal she can’t and she’ll be heck bent to so you she can, “Mother’s Day Special: The Daughter Imprint” how our mother’s attitudes may have shaped our careers and goals. . ., well, I can’t explain it, much like but worth a stop by. . .ocaasionally I worry about the authors, then at times I find an article so darn funny, I worry about myself. . .a must read! . . .really a smile maker when the vending machine at the office is out of Diet Coke. . .the visual tasty treats never stop at one, much like a lay’s potato chip. . .sure, junk food reading, but every now and then, you just need to take a break! I really don’t care for cats personally, I am a dog person. . however, laughing till you cry at the office. . .completely worth staring at the furry things!

I was going to add funny photos but I have a day job. . .go look at the last website listed and tell me which one I should have posted to keep you entertained!

About McKenzie Johnson

I am a Real Estate Broker with over 13 years experience in the industry. A fan of anything the color orange, long walks on the beach eating dried cuttlefish, four legged friends, new adventures in cooking or travel. A REALTOR and real estate consultant living and working in North Carolina with information to share. I would love to demystify the process for you. . .I think real estate is a tremendous investment for just about everyone. . .not just for the financial aspect, but also the idea of owning a piece of the American Dream, a chunk of earth, literally, with your name on it. I love what I do and who I get to meet through my job, the most rewarding part is handing a family their very first set of house keys! I hope you will find helpful information here, and it is just that, information, please don't take it as gospel, just my take on real estate and the world around me. For additional information and how to contact me, visit my website I serve the Onslow County area which includes the military bases: Camp Lejeune, New River MCAS, Camp Johnson, Camp Gieger and more.

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